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Just named one of Columbus, Ohio's top fencing companies, Hamilton Fencing is Columbus, Ohio's premier choice for residential & commercial fences.  We have been in business since 2005 and have established the trust of our customers through quality work at a fair price.  At Hamilton Fencing, our customers come first and we ensure that the work we provide not only looks great but that it is built with a solid foundation for a long lasting future!

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Hamilton Fencing provides many types of fences in Columbus, Ohio based on what you are looking for including:

Aluminum Fences aluminum fencing columbus

An Alumium fence will enhance your outdoor space and curb appeal with little to no maintenance.  There are so many designs & colors to choose from and Hamilton Fencing will provide you with all your options.  We can custom build your aluminum fence and have it ordered for the dimensions of your outdoor space.  Unlike a wood fence, aluminum minimizes the upkeep with a fence and has a longterm, elegant, & beautiful finish.



Steel Fencessteel fence columbus

Our Columbus, Ohio Steel fences & gates are all hand crafted and are of excellent quality. Hamilton Fencing provides all types of steel fences including: elegant, french, country, modern, romantic, vintage or antique.  Hamilton Fencing steel fence professionals will provide the perfect fence for you & your home! We offer you unbeatable value in gorgeous steel fencing.  Our work is guaranteed so you know you will get the work done right the first time.



Wooden Fences or Wooden Picket Fenceswood picket fence columbus ohio

People install wood fences for many reasons.  Wood fences can add great value to a home with a well built and designed fence using the right materials and wood.  A wooden fence can also add privacy from neighbors or intruders.  Families with small children often like to add wood privacy fences to keep their children safe while playing in the yard.

wooden fencesStill there are many additional options for wooden fences including: picket fences, farm fences, split rail, shadowbox, corral, and more.

Hamilton Fencing can help you choose the best wood fence option for your family and can provide many different options for you to choose from.  Often times, a wooden fence is complimented with iron gates or stone pillars as dividers.  We can handle any job so give us a call for a free no obligation estimate.



Vinyl Fencingvinyl fences

Vinyl fencing is a nice attractive alternative to wood fencing in thatlike, aluminum fencing, it is easier to maintain and can withstand a lot of the weather damage caused to most wood fences.  You are able to get a lot of the same types of vinyl fencing that you can with wood like: picket, privacy, rails, etc.

Hamilton Fencing is able to provide almost any kind of fencing you may need for your home.  Give us a call today and we will provide a no obligation quote for any type of fencing project.

Hamilton Fencing:  614-505-6237


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